UHOH Another Splurge

April 26, 2013

Also im aware my shoes look pink, damn Instagram filters!

Okay so, Im a avid fan of Instagram and follow a lot of brands and shops, and stumbled apon Arcade in Eastbourne's latest post of new products, and I saw something that, no matter what, I HAD to have!

Oh yes
THAT is Lana Del Rey on a t-shirt!
I'd been after a Lana tshirt for around 2 years (how I hadn't weakened before ill never know!) and was refusing to pay the prices between £30-45 just for a tee, but as soon as I saw this one I thought id pop along and pick one up.
It was originally up for £25 then was down to £20 in a new stock sale and just because I knew who it was, the guy gave it to me for £18! 

Its by the brand Chimpanzee London, and I found out that he only makes around 10 of each shirt he creates, so I have a pretty good tee that not many others are gonna have, and also its on a super soft tee too which makes it even better.

Ill style this a few ways, either with my Zara denim and pleather jacket and my zip trousers or ill style it with my Worland from Urban Outfitters shorts which have a ikat patterned pocket, and then with my Nike Burgundy high tops.

**UPDATE** also if you read my last blog post about my horror with Topman and their pricing issues, I finally got contact back saying 'we send our apologies you experienced issues with our pricing' so I went back to the store, and got rudely told 'well you can get your money back if you want' which would actually be pointless as it costs me money to park and I wouldnt be better off! So from now on CHECK EVERY PRICE FIRST 

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