Summer Essentials

April 27, 2013

okay so during the summer, theres nothing better then enjoying the sun and listening to music BUT with all the other noises around it kinda ruins your music, so thats where these babies come in so much use. I picked these up just before the end of last year, and have fell in love with them. They're perfect for travelling too as they're super comfy, sound amazing and also block out every noise possible.

Since, every year, I go away for a bit of the summer, I try and protect my hair colour as much as I can so a hat is always the perfect option, especially if you've also forgot sunglasses (like I always do) and its also perfect for those beachy no effort days where you pack up everything and head out.

So this is a recent discovery and purchase, after I've read amazing things about it for helping coloured hair in warmer climates. Im hoping this'll combat the dreaded orangey-pink colour my hair goes in the sun so I don't have to keep dyeing it constantly. 

So where to start with this. A couple of years back I finally caved in and purchased some of the most iconic sunglasses, and I haven't looked back at all! These original style wayfarers are slightly larger which means your eyes are properly protected, along with the darkest lenses which block out the damaging UV. A real iconic staple in my summer essentials!

Staple Shoes (T to B)
Every year, Ill have at least 3 pairs of shoes that'll get constant use during the summer and this year, its all these beauties! My Sperry deckshoes will be amazing for when its a slightly more relaxed scenario where you want to be laid back but still make a effort. My Vans will be perfect for every day and go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe that gets used during the summer. And finally, my Nikes will go really well when the weather isn't so warm (typical British summer) but still will look good with my summer wardrobe.

This is the perfect choice for a summer fragrance, as its light enough to be noticeable but its not so heavy that you just want to get rid of it immediatly. Sadly I just found out its been discontinued BUT I have seen it in Boots summer deals section on the perfume/aftershave counters.

Lets hope this summers going to be amazing!

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