Latest Mini Haul- Topman & Zara

April 22, 2013

So, I'm in love with slouchy oversized tee's for the summer, and as soon as I saw this one, I was pretty 50/50 about it, because although I loved it, I worried that it wouldn't either suit me or be in my local store (around a hour away) so I put it off, and then on a whim, ordered it, luckily I know what sizes fit me perfectly with Zara so I didn't worry. This tee doesn't have defined shoulders so it just drapes which is a lot more comfortable in the summer as you don't feel so constricted by seams etc. Luckily for me I got this before it sold out as it's a cheaper alternative to the Les Plus Dores NYC Tshirts as seen on Browns Fashion, which sold out and are constantly being restocked.

Rolled sleeves? CHECK
Gold studs? CHECK
Well, ladies and gentleman, this is the perfect tee for me and I was so chuffed to find the last one of my size so ofcourse I latched on and didn't let go until I got to the till! 

Now, just a bit of a prewarn about these! Online Topman are selling these for £24 but instore I got charged £26! Exactly the same shorts, £2 more instore, so ive sent off a enquiry about it but just thought, if you wanted these, check the fit instore then order online! But asides from that, I loved the colour and the fit of their chino shorts so I decided to pick up another pair ready for the summer.

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