TK Maxx Haul and March Favourites

April 02, 2013

Crabtree and Evelyn La Source Three Fragranced Candles
RRP- £30.00
I paid- £11.00
I blame FashionRocksMySocks for this, ever since she's been on about her Crabtree and Evelyn purchases and id heard some other really good stuff about it, when I spotted these I had to pick them up. La Source is their signature Sea Salt range with marine botanicals, and these candles smell exactly like being right at the beach, but in a more light refreshing way which I actually really like. However Im disappointed to see they don't stock these anymore in their permanent collection, so i'll have to raid their Portsmouth outlet store next time to see if they have anymore there.

RRP- £24.75
I paid-£14.99
This GIANT shampoo is not only by a world renowned brand, smells amazing, but was a total steal at around £10 off the retail price for the 1ltr bottle which this one is. Ive never tried Paul Mitchell products before so i'm excited to get cracking into this whopping bottle of shampoo.

RRP- £45.00
I paid- £19.99
Ive been hunting for shorts already (bit optimistic I know) and across this skinny denim fit pair which I couldnt seem to leave behind. They were last seasons style, which they're reselling this year, theres no glitches or damage which makes this pair of shorts a really good deal.

Over the door coat rack
RRP- £20.00
I paid- £9.99
Ive been meaning to pick one of these up for ages as my wardrobe cant cope with all the stuff I hang on it (constant different outfits etc) so I picked one of these up so I can easily store stuff.

and my best deal....
RRP- £94.99
I paid- £39.99
AH I KNOW, yet another pair of shoes but id be a total idiot to turn down a pair of tan suede sperry's for that price £54 OFF the proper price! They fit perfectly, look amazing styled with loads of different pieces and I know they'll last as they're a well known brand.

Okay so my March favourites wont be the same as the other ones that i've done as Im pretty much loving the same stuff as usual but i'm gonna do my favourite music etc instead this month 

Favourite song
Iggy Azalea Work

Ive been a major fan of Iggy for a long time and im glad she's finally now getting the attention and recognition she really deserves and this song certainly doesn't disappoint!
High fashion video wardrobe and Iggy's grimey lyrics? PERFECT COMBO 

Favourite Youtuber

Just like Iggy, i've been following Sammi (Beautycrush) for some time on youtube and her blog and when I saw she'd done the Draw My Life tag, I had to watch it. I feel like I relate to her because I still dont know what I really want to do, but I want to see where my blog can take me and see what else happens just like whats happened with her.

Favourite Instagram
Its Jenna Marbles 24/7 on her Instagram which never ever fails to make me laugh or smile when she uploads something new, whether its either photobombs, fan stuff, or her just being goofy, you cant help but love her!

So hope April is gonna be a good one guys! Lets see what its got instore

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