September 27, 2013

I don't really know where to start with these. I really like the whole idea of a smart coat with a difference but i just cant get passed the whole 'it feels like a cat round my neck' feeling that faux fur gives me. Plus it also slightly gives me the musty, moth ball smelling vibe of a vintage coat thats not been cleaned or seen daylight for about 20 years. This trend is definitely not for me, even if the faux fur doesn't feel like a cat!
I hate to say it, but.......I love these. Im one of those people in the morning who looks at their wardrobes and goes 'I want to wear something comfy but can't' so I've done the whole jeans phase, the skinny jogger phase (both of which I still love) but now, theres the meggings. I think if these are styled perfectly, they'd look like either high end skinny joggers or incredibly well fitting jeans which I can totally live with and attempt to pull off.
I also totally love jacquard but only if its done tasteful like this Zara jacket which gives a hint of jacquard without looking like a vintage sofa (everyone knows of one pattern like that). I think jacquard also needs to be in muted colours and styled with similar colours to make it a focal point without looking too tacky and over the top. Definitely a winter winner!

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