September 14, 2013

So as you all know, I love a good bargain so when I visited Tk Maxx this week (yes, it's becoming another problem!) I never really know what to look for so I decide to scope the whole shop and when I find stuff, decide about it whilst holding it and walking round. Well the week before, when I got my All Saints boots, I also fell head over heels in love with a oversized, taupe suede elbow patched, red checkered shirt by Ralph Lauren which I couldn't justify buying. Weirdly though I couldn't shake this from my mind so when I went back, I HAD to get it. Luckily, my size was the last one left, and it'd been reduced further so it was a total steal! Its literally a perfect plaid shirt, which I'm so excited to style.

Leave your best Tk Maxx deals below! 

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