October 24, 2013

Jumper- Baron of England
Shirt- Topman
Jeans- Jack Wills
Shoes- Vans
iPhone 5 Case- Ted Baker
Finally I got a jumper that looks identical to the Saint Laurent Striped Sweater which I lusted over but couldn't ever afford. This one came from endless rummaging in TK Maxx (yes, I still have a problem) but as well as finding the jumper, I found the Ted Baker iPhone case which is still being sold full price, and I got it for £9.99 along side a Ted Baker iPad case, which retailed at £40 which I picked up for £14.99! BARGAIN. For this look, I decided to make the jumper the main focus so I layered it with a simple white shirt, which also gives off a school/Dennis the Menace vibe. To make it less formal, I teamed it with rolled up jeans and school like black classic Vans. 

Tee- Anticulture
Biker jacket- Zara
Printed Trousers- Zara
Whilst rummaging, I also discovered this Anticulture tee which gave off the playful, tongue-in-cheek vibe Im currently loving as to me, it looks like its a perfume advert but when you read it, it makes you focus more on the design too. So to help bring out the grecian style bording and modern font on the tee, I teamed it with the ideal Zara twosome which consists of my Biker jacket which toughens up the look to match the modern aesthetic of the font, and then I added to the grecian/roman style by wearing my printed trousers which also lift the monochromatic palette. 

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