October 31, 2013

So its that time of year again and everyone gets into the Halloween mood, especially at where I work. This year, we decided to dress up to raise money so I had an evening to think of what to go as, so rationally I went with the vampire look and did my interpretation of Edward Cullen from Twilight.

So for this look I filled in my brows using a dark brown eyeshadow to make them heavier and thicker looking, then I used a thin, smudged line of Models Own Red eyeliner blended with a mid grey eyeshadow to create a more sullen look. For my face, to channel my inner vampire, I contoured with a darker grey eyeshadow on the tops of my cheekbones and drew it down to a more natural point and then blended in a lighter grey to make my jaw to seem more streamlined and chiselled. I also contoured my jawline to make my face appear pointier and thinner. To give me the 'just had blood' look, I reused the red liner under my bottom lip and smudged it for the sort of blood stained look I was going for. For my hair, I blow-dried my hair upside down to give me the height and then used a mid sized scoop of Bedhead Mens Matt Seperation Workable Wax and once I achieved the look, I fixed it in place with Tresemme Freeze Hold Hairspray. For my outfit, I went with the iconic coat he wears (Mines from TU 4 years ago) worn over a grey French Connection tee layered under my burgundy Topman shirt. I then teamed it with my ever trusty Jack Wills jeans and black suede Vans.

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