October 04, 2013

Oh Zara, you've done it again! You've managed to combine my love of patterns, and slouchy trousers into one lust-worthy pair. Its a good thing I got paid today along with overtime money, so these beauties will be mine (hopefully) by tomorrow! I feel like styling them simply with a roll sleeve white tee and maybe a statement shoe in either a contrasting pattern or burgundy which'll reflect nicely off the darker tones.

Im all for some tongue in cheek, such as my Homiés sweatshirt I adore, so when I saw this, and with my huge love of hats, I'll also be popping to Urban Outfitters too. Id probably not style it with my Homiés jumper, but maybe with a tight pair of skinny jeans, an oversized shirt and boots for a quirky take on a wintery outfit.

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