November 27, 2013

Its that time of the year again where I turn it to you to give your verdict on trends that are currently around and see if they're must haves or a major nightmare! To check out my last post click here.

Im going to be blunt with this trend, I actually hate it. Who honestly wants to be wearing mesh mid winter? Have these companies not seen our weather?! They really missed the mark and the seasons with this trend which would be more suitable in the summer. Granted you can layer it, but still, if the t-shirt isn't the best fitting, then you'll see more skin then you really should do.

So as its now heading towards snow warnings and cold blasts, a warm comfy coat is a must have. Step forward the ever popular Parka, the best Ive seen this season are from Zara and Jack Wills. I actually really love these as I can't stand to be cold and this seems like the most perfect way of staying warm and on trend this winter. Im eyeing up the Jack Wills one for Christmas as I don't actually have a coat with a hood (shocking, I know) so I'm seriously considering this one as it looks like a classic style with a twist with the sherpa lining in the hood to make it super cosy.

Yet again, Tartan scarves are back and bigger then ever this season, whether its stand out colours or tradition, its one of this seasons biggest must haves. I actually love a Tartan scarf that just pulls an outfit together plus it also gives it a classic edge which I also love. Also, I'm now happy to say I own this Mulberry example as I won it as part of Matches Fashion Happy Holiday daily giveaway that's currently running which I'm super excited about receiving!

Let me know below what you think of these trends and anymore you think I should talk about next time!

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