November 03, 2013

At the beginning of October, I decided to enter a 4000 likes competition on Facebook for the brand LOSTBOYS to win a beanie of your choice and one of their emblem sweaters. Now, not going to lie here, I completely forgot I went in for it and got a surprise when the owner emailed me to tell me I'd won, which also comes as a bit of a shock considering my luck this year. I picked a burgundy beanie, as weirdly I don't actually own one even though I love beanies and burgundy so that had to happen, and they also gave me the jumper too. They sent out the product asap and by Wednesday the next week i'd got it which I was so excited about. I'd style these products either with skinny jeans and Vans or Air Max's or id go a bit more out there and team them with my Zara printed trousers and black Vans to keep the colour palette simple but effective.

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