December 31, 2013

2013, what a year. From winning almost everything I went in for, to start working with some brilliant brands to the eventful incident that happened at home, its been one emotional wreck of a year. Well, also this year I've also been doing my fair share of shopping (I know, I was trying to cut back but I just can't hold back) so let's see whats been my 13 favourites of the year from Cara to Zara.

Oh Zara, you sneaky buggers. Not only did you steal my heart, you also stole a ton of my money this year. From cutting edge designs to new takes on modern classics, Zara nailed it every season, and pushed their way into my must visit stores.

Is it sad I can't wait for it to get cold just so I can wear beanies? I love some sort of headwear anyway but beanies have stolen the title this year especially with my collection growing a bit out of control, but they're always so handy to have on the go etc.

Ive been all about the slouchy aesthetic this year. From oversized watches to incredibly slouchy trousers and shirts,  I honestly couldn't get enough!

Ive completely fallen for boots this year, especially chelsea style boots which are brilliant for putting on and giving a more put together look, but when I fancy toughening things up, I picked up a pair of All Saints boots for a total steal and style change.

Since switching my hair up this year to a super short sided quiff, Ive been in love with workable wax, especially this Bedhead one, as its easy to fix and switch, but also gives enough hold without being too rigid.

Raf Simons, you total genius. He's managed to take Dior in a total new direction and take it back to its classic style, not forgetting the bevy of beauties he's signed up as faces from Jennifer Lawrence (who could forget THAT incident?) to Charlize Theron who make every piece look incredible.

Now, I know this is considered a 'Womens' bag but, to me, a satchel is completely unisex and this one, by Proenza Schouler WILL be mine one day and is my favourite expensive piece of this year, I can dream can't I?

From high end designers to newer, contemporary designers, Matches proved that this year, it was the number 1 for exciting new releases and classic sell-out staples. I especially love them since I won the Mulberry scarf as part of their Christmas giveaway.

Oh Cara, you stole my heart and it seems, everyone else's this year.  From La Perla, Mulberry and Saint Laurent to Fendi, Burberry and Chanel, this bushy browed beauty landed every single, must-have campaign. Will 2014 be the year of Dele-domination?

I had no idea this company existed until I started seeing it pop up in haul videos on some of my favourite vloggers and bloggers so I had to check it out for myself. I love everything they do as you can make it super personal and they make great gifts for people who love to be individual! 
**SUPER SECRET: Keep an eye out for a little something special from them soon on my blog, when you see it, comment on the post 'I SAW IT FIRST'**

Oh Instagram, what would I do without you on my favourites list? As you can see, my addiction for Instagram still hasn't diminished and I thinks got worse. OOPS

I just couldn't get enough of these girls this year, and I'm hoping 2014 will be just as big for them. The debut album is also one of my favourites from this year too!

Beautycrush aka Sammi has been a major inspiration for my blog since the humble beginnings. I love the way she keeps everything simple but has such detailed photography etc. Lets hope her blog goes global in 2014, she deserves the great success after all the hard work she's put in!

So thats it, my final post for 2013
See you in 2014!

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