December 13, 2013

Certain items are tricky for guys to style, or a little bit too safe, so in conjunction with Ill be showing you how I would style my picks from this seasons latest offers from Very.

Very is the quintessential catalogue which offers everything from clothing to homewares, from Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby to Ugg Australia, there really is something for everyone! Very also bring something different to the market by allowing you so many options when looking at each item, such as telling you how many people have looked at the item and also how many has been sold in the past 24 hours which really helps you pick out those key seasonal pieces!

Starting off lightly, I picked this monochromatic classic piece by Fred Perry, which could be styled simply with just jeans and trainers but I would really play up the contrast with this piece. With the simple colour palette, I would team it with super skinny jeans paired with either suede chelsea boots to add another texture and colour, or with the jeans rolled up and with classic Vans (also available at Very, Result!). To create a contrast, and also add another texture, I would throw over a oversized plaid shirt in either a forest green or bold red which not only sits nicely against the black and adds warmth but adds individuality in an unexpected way. Then I'd put on a beanie in either a black or burgundy and if its cold, id add either a black coat (if styled with a red shirt) or a dark green/khaki coat (if styled with the forest green shirt, or for a bold twist, put it over the red one to really turn heads).

Uggs aren't just for the girls, guys can rock them too, but you just need to make sure you don't wear them in a safe way. There's nothing wrong with teaming them with a onesie at home, but to take it up a notch and wear them out, they have to be styled in a creative way. For my styling, I would either wear them with a pair of slouch trousers in a printed fabric, or with a really inky black pair of jeans. For the top half, you can't go wrong with a denim shirt to juxtapose against not only the colour but also the texture of the Uggs (Denim and Suede are a classic combo that always look great together). If its cold, I would chuck over a really edgy biker with interesting details such as quilting, studs or bold zips to really edge out the outfit and create another texture.

Now I know what your thinking,  how the hell can you make a onesie stylish? Well let me tell you. Don't take the onesie too literally, so don't team it with too homely-esque clothing, such as more slouchy, jersey items such as sweatshirts etc, but think outside the box. I would team this one, with its bold , attention grabbing print, with a pair of equally loud high tops in a contrasting colour (think red with these earthier tones) and then I would team it with either a Parka (Another timeless classic piece everyone must own, Very do some great ones from brands such as Superdry and Schott) or with a gilet in classic navy. To top it off, Im thinking practical bags such as a satchel or a stylish backpack which would also work well with the sports luxe vibe created with the high tops and onesie.

Hope you love the style ideas, also let me know of any ways you would take each piece and style them to make it your own!

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