April 18, 2014

Its no secret I love discovering new products that'll cope with my hair and I was incredibly happy when my hairdresser told me about Redkens new range of cream pastes. These pastes may look like regular run of the mill hair products but don't be fooled! They hold like ultra strong hairspray without giving you that rigid hold, meaning you get the flexibility and movement of paste with the hold of hairspray.

3 pastes are available in the range, Move Ability 05 Lightweight Defining cream paste which gives a beachy, tousled finish with a light hold and low control, meaning it gives a natural, laid back approach, Mess Around 10 Disrupting cream paste, the one I picked, which had a medium control ideal for short to mid length hair and is  perfect for quiffs and top knots, which also adds a natural shine, a carefree tousled and textured feel and also gives the separation without being too stiff, and finally Shape Factor 22 Sculpting cream paste which gives a stronger hold, great for short and up styles, whilst giving a matte finish and also creates detail and definition without having the hair weighted down with endless products.
Redken created these products with hairspray polymers to provide a sculptured hairspray-esque hold but with the flexibility and movability of a cream paste, which has never been created before.

The one I was recommended was the Mess Around 10 Disrupting cream paste, which allows me the hold, due to having thick hair, without it being weighted down and clogged, like what used to occur with what I regularly used (A mixture between a basic cream paste, sea salt spray and a couple of sprays of all weather hairspray also known as 'liquid concrete')

Ive tried it for my usual day to day quiff, which had the longevity of a couple of hours when my previous products, but now will last 6+ hours and still look just as good as when I left the house (Thank god for that!) but I also used it for a different type of hairstyle then I usually do.

Earlier this week I decided to try a messy top knot as my fringe is now finally long enough to tie back, and I thought I'd give the Redken a run for its money. For this look, I did my top knot, and then smoothed a little of the product between my hands and then lightly pushed it through the main part of my hair so that shorter hairs are held in place and gives the beachy look I was going for also. When I took my hair down, I easily managed to brush my hair into a quiff, without ripping out hair held together with hairspray, there wasn't any sticky residue and it still looked shiny and healthy.

All in all, I love the Redken cream paste, but I know the pricing is a little steep (I paid around £12.50) which is a lot considering the size of the pot, but this product does stretch a long way in my opinion, plus it also eliminates the need to purchase two products when this one will do both jobs. Im going to keep it for special occasions and also for my holiday as I don't usually do my hair everyday so Ill definitely get some serious miles out of it!

Until next time.

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