April 04, 2014

Picture this
:Overflowing wardrobe
:Items you didn't even know you bought (Yep, you know the ones, don't play coy!)
:Forgotten gems you loved
:Mismatch of sizes?

Well, to me it sounds like you have the same dilemma I faced when I started to reorganise and redecorate my room. I may own a giant wardrobe, but my god it was a tip (a la Primark, or even Zara, 5 minutes from closing). From stuff I couldn't even fit in, to bags of empty bags (horrible signs of a hoarder) and the fact that all my coats were hanging on the back of my door, I knew it had to change. 

So lets see what I did shall we?

Starting off lightly, I cleared the back of my door and used this large over the door hanger to store my hats and also my bag in its dust bag, meaning my hats were easy to grab if times call for it (that times called 'good grief, I'm feeling lazy, wheres my hat' we've all done it!) For a similar hanging solution to mine, I picked mine up for around £10 in TK Maxx last year and its a simple solution to small items you want to have out but hide away.

Shelving and micro storage became a obsession and I fitted these (yep, I became friends with a drill) to store the everyday items you may need, and my Muji storage came in handy too. The top shelf holds the mirror up and the stuff that I usually grab everyday like jewellery etc and the second shelf holds items such as hair products, aftershaves etc. This way things are clearly displayed and almost made like useful art. For shelves like these, I picked mine up at Homebase on a deal so keep an eye out for them or do some research on what size would be the best for you.

Luckily, in my room I have a built in cupboard which is a total godsend. In here, I made it neutral and added two hanging rails, one for jumpers, sweatshirts and hoodies (and the occasional onesie) and the other for coats. Now, when it came to organise these, I was a tad OCD. All my coats are on the bottom rail in order of how much I wear them, and the top rail is separated into thick cardigans and jumpers (bulky wool etc),thinner jumpers, sweatshirts, thinner hoodies and then thicker hoodies. That way if I'm feeling a particular look and need that one specific piece, I can easily pick it out with no fuss!

The top section of my wardrobe which is two, deep shelves came in perfect for bags (top left hand corner) and then organising my trousers/shorts into colour and wearability order. On the top shelf, we have all red/purple bottoms in order of wear, and then on the lower shelf we have my blue, black and grey/stone trousers and shorts, all in order of wearability and also what I gravitate towards most (such as my favourite jeans and trousers are all at the top, but the more seasonal, like swim shorts and shorts etc are lower as they will get swapped round nearer the warmer months).

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is where I really got OCD about organisation. On the lower rail, which I may add, took 3 hours to sort, rehang and organise (I kid you not) took the most effort. As you can see, Ive now organised everything in colour order from white to grey, to black into green and blue, and then thundering into tan, purple and finally red (I also discovered I have a major thing for red plaid, who knew!?) Also for this section, I decided not to put each section into a 'what do I wear most' section as I don't want to keep gravitating towards the same pieces each time so using this method makes me look through what I have and actually think about what Im picking out (well that was until that cheeky little All Saints tropical shirt came along, thank you TK Maxx you utter beauty, which I keep pulling out to wear and then realising I can't wear it all the time, otherwise it gets a little weird)

Has Spring finally got you clearing out your wardrobe? Time for a total overhaul? Let me know below what you think and what you've done this Spring.

Also, please check out the post below (or if scrolling is out of the picture, click here) about the Company Style Awards 2014 which I've been nominated for which is majorly exciting!

**This was not a sponsored post and all brands noted are what Ive chosen**

Where my stuff is from
Paint is 'Blue Jay Feather' by Valspar available at B&Q
Shelving is from Homebase here 
Acrylic storage is from Muji here 
Wardrobe and matching furniture is from the System Range at Furniture Village

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