April 16, 2014

Thanks to the lovely Isabella, who is the Online Editor at Brighton Fashion Week, she told me about the huge list of up and coming designers available to see on Not Just A Label which is a total dream for me as I love scouting through new unheard of brands to see whats coming up. Whilst searching, I stumbled apon Pablo Erroz, a Spanish designer who attended IED Instituto Europeo Di Design and Central Saint Martins, who's FW14/15 collection 'Antagonist' (Id love to own everything) really speaks volume to me.
Just a sample of Erroz's work seen on Not Just A Label

Pablo Erroz started studying fashion design getting the honourable mention in his final project, and quickly demonstrated his talent and interest in diversified aspects of fashion such as communication and marketing. By attending IED Instituto Europeo Di Design and Central Saint Martins, he was able to get a better understanding and an eclectic vision of the fashion industry. It is in 2009 that he decided to give life to his new project and build his own brand « Pablo Erroz », specialized in womenswear, menswear and accessories.

I love the strong use of muted primary colours such as deep inky navy and rich bold oxblood which clash against the use of crisp whites and mixed material, such as the brown leather pouch and parka, to the black and white clutch and leather jacket (which I kid you not, I'm swooning over). I also love the attention to detail with the classic pieces such as the leather jacket which gives off the vintage Hollywood bad boy vibe, to the peacoat which is impeccably tailored and pops against the iconic white shirt, reinvented with a red leather panel.

To me, Erroz has the potential to be the big thing in mens fashion as he keeps to the classic pieces but also isn't afraid to throw in modern twists and techniques such as the manipulation of leather, wool and cotton to create wearable, capsule dressing for the modern man looking for investment rather then disposable fashion. 

Pablo Erroz is here to stay, and so are his designs and fresh inspirations.

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