December 22, 2014

Jeans River Island
Sweatshirt Whistles
1460 Scotchgrain Boots Dr Martens
Parka Jack Wills

Monday always calls for a comfy outfit, almost the equivalent of a duvet in wearable form so what better to layer up? Ive been obsessed with this sweatshirt which is super snuggly and soft inside and is the perfect lazy piece for comfort. If its really cold, I usually layer a checkered shirt underneath as the colours lend themselves brilliantly to the dove grey tone of the sweatshirt. Now it wouldn't be a me outfit if I didnt include a couple of wardrobe staples which include these jeans which have surprisingly lasted a long time without losing shape but have slightly now got that 'love worn' faded look which I do love more then the proper black. Another staple is a good coat and I have yet again found myself burying myself into the borg lining of this coat more then ever again this winter, I genuinely didnt know what I did without this coat. Beanies are something I usually either find myself using in a hurry or as an essential part of an outfit like today. I chose this one but due to the slogan already on the sweatshirt, I decided to swap the slogan on the beanie backwards so it looked simple from the front but also gave that slight tongue in cheek edge from the back. Now, much like the coat, I have no idea what I was doing without these boots in my life as I have genuinely worn them everyday since I purchased them which I don't think I've done with a pair of shoes in my life or not atleast for a very long time. Overall, its a incredibly simple outfit, but its also very adaptable and also practical for the time of year as you never know if it'll be raining in five minutes or arctic winds an hour, the possibilities are endless with this outfit!

Until next time guys,

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