December 30, 2014

With 2015 just around the corner, everyone always goes on about resolutions and changes they're going to make but I don't usually make them. I tend to pick tips and advice to follow for the year so I thought Id bring you my 5 tips for the upcoming year that hopefully ill be sticking to myself.

1. 'Just because you see it, doesn't mean you need it'
This little pearl of wisdom actually has come from my mum as she realised that I tend to fall for the first thing and rush to buy it which I know is never good for me, or the wallet. Instead of buying trend driven pieces, Ill be more selective and buy higher priced, more classic pieces instead so instead of buying bags of throwaway fashion, ill be buying quality that I know that not only do I love it now, but I can cherish it for years to come.

2. 'Don't tailor yourself to your clothes, tailor your clothes to fit you'
If theres something you love that just doesn't quite fit right, like that pair of loveworn denim thats seen you through everything but now sits weirdly on your frame, get them tailored. Tailoring is a easy way of getting that piece of clothing bang on and can be relatively affordable depending on the item. Im ever so tempted to get a few items tailored as because of my build and frame, some items just don't sit how I'd like them to so I might go and see what can be done with them. Not only is this option cheaper then going to buy another item, it saves hours of trawling through shops and websites plus also helps out a trade of skilled people.

3. 'So its on sale, when are you going to wear it?'
Okay so Im getting better at this one and have recently rejected something because I had no reason to buy it. Just because theres an item on sale, that happens to be your size, not the right colour, but you could wear it, doesn't mean it HAS TO COME HOME WITH YOU. If theres an item that you've been eyeing up for some time and saved for which then goes on sale, Id say go for it (Thankyou Whistles sale for teaching me that waiting is the best thing) but if there isn't an exact reason that comes to mind when you pick it up, or theres atleast a minute of 'hmm Im unsure' then rethink, put down, and move along....

4. 'Don't be led by trends, twist them'
This key advice is brilliant for sorting through the multitude of new seasonal goodies that are soon moved on and forgotten about, much like that last purchase *queue guilty shifty eyes and a glance towards the empty bag*. My tip is to look at all the new season stuff at one time and then highlight the pieces you like, and then go and see them in person. That way, your only looking for what you want and can't be swayed by that new it thing thats totally inappropriate for your life but you feel like you need (Im looking at you GEEK/NERD tees.....) Id then go even further with the selectiveness and see if it can be transitional, trans-seasonal and even life time guaranteed before id even consider purchasing (this is the mentality I have when purchasing higher end items) That way, you have your very own edit of the new season, but don't feel so guilty when the seasons changed and your lumbered with items you don't want (I'm looking at you again tshirts....)

5. 'Clothes may make the man, but accessories are key'
So you maybe wearing the sharpest suit that makes you feel like Bond, but your shoes, tie, belt etc also need to talk the talk too. Investing in key accessories will always pay off when it comes to it. For example, a incredibly well structured bag will see you through years of use, the same as a well made pair of leather shoes that can easily be reheeled or fixed but will always look the part. Buy quality, look quality as they say

So there we go gents, let me know down below what you'll be following tip wise this year or what your go to tip is too!

Until next time


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