September 01, 2015

The trouble with working in town means I easily get distracted by new things BUT I thought you guys would love to see what Ive picked up in the past week.

Since getting my new card from my bank the other day, which now has a contactless function (which by the way, they charge you if you don't want it!) I didn't really trust it but my mum let me know about Marks & Spencers new technology, Datashield. Datashield is a special protective layer built into purses and wallets so your contactless cards can be super secure without the worry of your details being stolen. I decided to go for the more card friendly version of this wallet as it'll be perfect for when I go out, such as to London or Brighton but also looks super stylish. The leather on the wallet is super soft and will also age beautifully over time too.

Ive been eyeing up one of these hats for ages but kept having that nagging feeling of 'you don't need another hat' but that was until last week. I saw this hat in the sale section reduced from £26 to, wait for it.......£4! With my staff discount, I snagged this ΓΌber on trend hat for the measly sum of £3 which I couldn't quite believe. Ive already styled it with soooo many outfits and its already gone down really well at work too so its a win win situation really! I can't wait to pair it with some really slick looks for this AW as well as with my usual uniform of tees, jeans and my biker jacket for the winter too.

Have you tried any pieces like these? Would you use them?

Until next time guys,


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