September 05, 2015

Okay, so I cracked.

I feel so angry at myself, typing this whilst scoffing my breakfast, at the fact I crumbled and bought more shoes.
I promised myself I wouldn't buy anymore shoes until the ones I wanted fell into the sale, but me being me, I fell in love with these about 2 months ago and keep seeing them each time I go to work, staring at me screaming 'buy me!' which is fatal.

Step forward the culprit, the Topman Splinter Buckle Loafer in black suede. These little beauties reminded me so much of the lust-worthy Gucci loafers that make my bank balance wince a little when I look at the price tag, so I settled and thought I should probably go with these instead. I originally wanted the tan variation of these, but I then remembered that Im a total mess and would probably ruin them within a couple of days so I stuck with the faithful black.

I love the super classic details such as the more formal style of this loafer and also the addition of some seriously weighty detail in the buckle which also makes these shoes look a lot more expensive then they really are. The only downside to these are the sizing. I tried on both the 9 and 10, my usual sizes in shoes, I was really surprised to see such a variation in fit. The 10 was way too wide meaning they flapped and risked falling off every time you walked which not only ruins the shoes, it also increases the risk of ending up on your face from tripping. I stuck with the 9 which was a little tight but meant the shoe actually stayed on my foot, and with this material, it'll naturally mould to my foot so they'll fit like a dream. Another little gripe is that they show up every bit of dirt and dust which is okay if they are an occasion shoe but a little bit of a pain if you plan on using them often.

Ive tried these with pretty much every in my wardrobe and they look great. They're the perfect way of dressing up jeans and a tee, but also look killer teamed with more modern pieces in an unexpected way (The staple ripped jeans look brilliant with these!)

Online sizes really are sparse between the different colours so if you need these in your life as much as I did, head to your closest store pronto!

Would you wear these? What would you pair them with? Let me know!

Until next time guys,


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