September 09, 2015

So theres no nice way of saying Winter is truly on its way whether we're ready or not, so I'm already planning to fight off the cold with this weeks want courtesy of Topman.

As soon as I saw this jacket online I instantly started thinking how I would style it but the price tag did kind of hold me back. But since seeing this jacket in person, Ive fallen for it all over again and think it'll work perfectly with my style, especially for the impending winter. I love the fact that the Borg collar is the same colour as the main coat so you don't have the risk of getting it grubby, and also the darker wash of the denim means its perfectly matched for every outfit!

My go to outfit with this jacket would to pair it with a oversized tee in a neutral colour but then paired with either a more royal blue jean or a ripped pair of black jeans for the perfect off duty style. A pair of suede chelsea boots would be the shoe of choice for this look, but it also wouldn't look out of place teamed with clunkier, Dr Marten shoes for that 80s/90s throwback.

How would you style it? Would this be something you'd go for? Let me know below.

Until next time guys,


*this is not a sponsored post, all these opinions are my own and the company are not paying me in any way. I may work for them as a day job but they do not sponsor my blog, nor am I getting paid income or in product for these posts just to clear up any misconceptions my latest posts could give*

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