09/08 Update; Ceilings, Feelings & Dealings

August 09, 2013

So I just thought id do a little update as this weeks been pretty crazy.

First off I want to apologise for the lack of instagramming this week as Monday I had an extra shift and didn't actually wear anything filmable (work uniform= no go) and then Tuesday I was in too much of a rush and doing too much that I just didn't get time. Secondly, as you could guess, the house saga still rages on and now we have two missing ceilings, ripped wallpaper and a huge list of stuff that needs replacing (thanks to the insurance company losing the original list) so its all a bit stressy sorting that out but its getting there FINALLY! Also I encountered something very strange and disturbing on Thursday in the shape of a Facebook fake of me, who had stolen 3/4 of my details and also stating that i'm being paid by companies to do this blog. By no means am I paid nor sponsored for this blog, and all products shown have been bought with my OWN money that i've worked hard for, so to see someone I don't know do this to me was pretty upsetting. Also I do not give out my Facebook on this blog at all as its obviously my private Facebook so any Facebook using my details talking about this isn't me and I would be greatful if people could mention it to me on here so I can deal with it further.

On a positive note, I know all my hauls seem to be a favourite read on here and its no surprise I like to shop so expect a haul from Portsmouth Gunwharf Quays later in the week or early next week (More likely to be next week but I might be too excited to leave it till then) so this'll also mean a OOTD video on Instagram so check there (links are in the header and the sidebar) and ill also post it on here too with a full list of where everythings from.

Till then people!

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