Favourites and Unfavourites- July

August 02, 2013

So let me start off by asking where this year has already gone?! 8 months into the year and it still feels like March/ April weather, with its mix match rain and sun. But even with every month going super quickly, it still allows me to work out my favourite and unfavourite things for each month.


Ray Ban Original Wayfarer (Buy Here)
So with all this sun about, a decent pair of sunglasses is one of the key things needed, and also lends a bit of edge to every outfit. My frames of choice are my Ray Ban Wayfarer which I got a couple of years ago but are my only expensive pair, but they're everything I need due to them being so iconic, I know i'll get years of use out of them

Trend- Pleather
T to B: Tee- Topman (Buy Here)
Biker Jacket- Zara (Buy Here)
OOTD including my Zara jacket
So pleather is a massive trend for A/W and to me, is a better deal then genuine leather, as its often lighter, and looks super similar to the real item. First off, I picked up this pleather pocket hi-roll tee from Topman which had been on my wanted list for a super long time. This'll look great towards the end of summer with some lighter skinny jeans and then later on with darker denim or slouchy trousers. My other pleather item is my Zara A/W Biker, which I was so pleased to finally wear this week with the rain (Passed the rain test) and also looked amazing with a simple outfit too. I also own my denim and pleather sleeve jacket also from Zara, which i'll also be using as a lighter alternative to my Biker.

Earcuffs- Maria Francesca Pepe
If you've been recently following my blog, you'll know by now of this rather impressive sale item I picked up from the Urban Outfitters sale (sadly they don't stock it anymore but the link provided is for the Silver version on ASOS). Ive been loving earcuffs for ages and ever since Ive seen big designers such as Balenciaga and Givenchy using ear cuffs and faux piercings, ive been obsessed with them. They add a different edge to outfits, plus they're super easy to swap out for different ones.

Unfavourite of the month
Gucci Guilty Black
Okay so since my initial review, Ive been using this more lately and im still not in love with it as much as I thought I would be. The staying time for this aftershave is horrendous,  and you literally have to bathe in it to get it to last over a hour (which makes everything smell like strong chemicals and almost pass out from the smell knock back) which for my job in retail, could put people off. Also, I dont know if its just mine, or its a normal issue, but my spray pump is RUBBISH, it dribbles instead of spraying so when you finally get it to spray, you get a mist and then a huge puddle somewhere else as its leaked out. Be careful!

Wants for August

Marc by Marc Jacobs Metallic Ring iPhone Case
So this rather amazing case has also reinforced my want for a new iPhone, since Ive owned my current one since 2011 and is started to lose battery and go really slowly so Ive been toying with the idea of treating myself to the iPhone 5. I know theres a new iPhone on the way but ever since I started with iPhones, ive been put off ever buying a new one straight away (I had a 3G one which corrupted after 2 weeks) so since then, ive waited around 6 months to a year before commiting, so if there was any issues, they've been sorted before I purchased once. Anyways, enough with the rambling, this case would be perfect for me as Im always on my iPhone, plus it also acts as a giant piece of jewellery too!

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