August 28, 2013

Alexander Wang 
This t-shirt, complete with leather pocket, gives enough rocker edge without being too try-hard, yet looks amazing dressed up and down. However, if your budget can't stretch to £113 for a updated basic tee, then heres some high street heroes that fit the bill.

Im such a huge fan of this t-shirt after purchasing it after seeing the Alexander Wang version, as its such a versatile piece. I wear mine with either a neutral pair of shorts and bold shoes, or with skin tight jeans and trainers. This t-shirt is usually really hard to get hold of online, but recently got more stock in so get a move on before they all go!

If you want something a bit more daring, then I suggest the Zara number which has a larger pleather area which gives it more of a edgy vibe as seen by Givenchy, Balenciaga as well as Alexander Wang, who all seem to be a part of the uniform of the 2013 fashion pack each Fashion Week.

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