January 02, 2015

So the new years started, Christmas came and went in a blur again (anyone else swear the years are going faster? or is it just me?) but lets begin the new year by going in reverse and showcasing what I received for Christmas and also what I picked up in the sales. As usual, I am not bragging, just showing you guys what I got and how I would style it.

I picked these out when my parents and I visited the Covent Garden store and I fell involve with the classic but incredibly versatile style of these boots. Usually I have the worst luck with boots as they're too narrow and take ages to break in but these are the total opposite. These didnt take any breaking in at all and are the perfect size (If you consider these or any DM's, make sure to get your true size). Sadly the leather does scuff easily (as shown by the toe) but they can easily be fixed. 

All Saints Hemsley Jacket
Can we just take a second to take it all in?
Okay, so I am incredibly happy to of received this swell from my parents as I found it at the Gunwharf Outlet after lusting over it from the day I tried it on in the Fenwicks concession in the summer but the wait was genuinely worth it. The leather is incredibly high quality and will age amazingly over the next few years which I can't wait for. I chose this style as its based on the classic biker style I love which means that this will definitely be in my collection for years to come.

Michael Kors Acid Tee
My Aunt got me this oversized acid tee which I adore, especially for the summer. Its an incredibly soft light cotton which I think will be great for layering in the run up to summer and perfect with chino shorts and deck shoes during the summer too!

Whilst also in London, my Aunt also asked me to find something else to give her to give me for Christmas and I fell in love with this top from COS. Ive never purchased any mens items from COS before so this was the perfect piece to start with. This invisible seamed waffle top has a modern styling with a twist with the cord stripes on the sleeves which fall above and below the elbow, perfect for that sports vibe I still adore.

Abercrombie Classic Muscle Tee
We popped to Ashford McArther Glen during the sales and I did go a little over the top in Abercrombie as I am a sucker for well constructed basics. This super soft tee is a really versatile piece for my wardrobe as I can use it all throughout the year and it'll still be stylish. This was reduced from £30 to £18 which is really good value when you work out the price per wear.

Abercrombie Classic Muscle Long Tee
Whilst also there I decided to grab one of the long sleeve versions of the tee which I can't wait to use throughout the year also, whether layered under jumpers or coats or teamed with chopped up denim shorts and retro trainers in the summer. This was also reduced from £30 to £18 which yet again, is a great deal when you work out the PPW (pay per wear)

Ive loved this scent for the longest time but never actually managed to track down a bottle in their larger stores but managed to find a huge display at the outlet full of it (queue giant eyes and a total obsession with this scent). I love the beachy, almost salty scent which is teamed with heady notes of musk and cashmere woods which make it the perfect everyday scent which is incredibly distinctive. 

Did you pick up anything in the January sales worth sharing? Was Santa incredibly generous this year? Let me know in the comments below or on my social media

Until next time guys!


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