LATEST OBSESSION // Marc by Marc Jacobs 3D Metallic iPhone Case // IYAAJAY

January 09, 2015

Trends may come and go but I will always be suckered by something thats shiny. 2014 saw the rise in the designer phonecase with everyone from Moschino serving us up fast food chic to Kenzo's roaring tiger, everyone was snapping them up. Myself? I got drawn to the metallic side and fell for this Marc by Marc Jacobs case but sadly, I missed out the first few times or wasn't too keen on the colours. Im glad I waited though as NET-A-PORTER added this blue beauty to its sale for £15 which I couldn't refuse! 

Can we just take a minute to take it that bold colour?
Back with me? Okay, so lets get to the knitty gritty with the review as you can never really tell how good a case will be when ordering online but I'm here to help!

This case is made from a really tough, rigid plastic that acts almost like a thicker second skin for your phone without adding bulk like heavier cases (such as the Casemate case I featured last year). When it comes to putting the case on, it just clips onto the back of your phone with ease and is removed by popping the corners back (I suggest using your finger nail to prevent scratching your phone and damaging the case)

I know most people are going to look at this case and go 'its not the most attractive' but I absolutely love it as it reminds me of my childhood and easter egg foil (Anyone else use to crumple it and then unfold it?.....No? Only me then) and it just adds a bold element of fun and colour to the dreariest of days. If this blue isn't your thing, the new season collection of these has just launched and theres now gold, rose gold, silver and black to choose from so theres a kaleidoscope of colours for you to chose from to suit your mood and style!

As for ordering from NET-A-PORTER, it couldn't be simpler. I ordered this case Tuesday evening (around 8pm) and it turned up just before 10am on Thursday. I highly recommend NET-A-PORTER for their customer service and also the ease of ordering as its so simple and straightforward without causing any hassle, which is something you don't need when purchasing an investment piece.

I hope you liked this little mini review, until next time guys


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