January 26, 2015

Its become increasingly hard for guys when it comes to jewellery. Too big and it resembles a novelty piece, too small and it looks silly singularly so its a real 50/50 to find the right balance when it comes to arm candy. But I finally think I've found the perfect balance with only 2 items.

Now I know these pieces aren't for everyone, but if you take anything away from this, it'll be based on sizing as I'll explain.

To me, when it comes to wrist wear, play with proportion and tones. Too much of the same size or colour looks boring, but mixing metals adds interest and different aspects like I've featured here. I adore both of these pieces separate if you want to keep it simple, but together, these are the perfect pairing. For this example, my watch is a bolder, bigger design and the bracelet is a narrower, different toned item which work incredibly well together. Id also team the watch with narrower black accessories or the copper bracelet with finer gold toned items too. I always follow the rule of one bigger item and team it with a few smaller pieces that accentuate the main item. You can either mix it up with a large watch and smaller bracelets or a more statement bracelet and thinner watch.

What rules do you follow for accessories guys? Let me know

Until next time,

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