January 16, 2015

Do you ever believe in the hype of one product?

Well, I never did until I tried this one.

I bought this mini Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protectant cream, the original multi-use product and I didnt really believe it could do so much, so to be honest, I totally forgot I owned it. That was until recently when I rediscovered what this little wonder product can genuinely do.

Ive always suffered with incredibly deep pores on my nose, resulting in it looking like constant blackheads which is so frustrating as I tried tons of products that claimed to sort it, but never did. Well, after a week of using this on it, its shrunken my pores down and also made my skin a hell of a lot smoother then it usually is. Ive also always suffered with puffy, dark under eye circles which have now dramatically reduced and lightened since using this. To me, its more of a waxy consistency which heats up with the skin to melt into it, albeit a little heavy. Ive also used it as a moisturiser on incredibly dry skin, after shaving as a soothing balm and I've ever been seen using it to slightly groom the brows (don't judge, it works!)

Unfortunately the only thing I can't stand with this product is the smell. I know mine says 'fragrance free' but don't be fooled. The smell is strangely reminiscent of Play-doh which makes me kind of want to not use it, but Ive persevered through to use about half of it. If you don't mind that smell, or it kicks of the nostalgia of the 90s then its the product for you, but I think next time I might try the original version.

Have you tried this product guys? What else would you recommend? Let me know!

Until next time,

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