January 05, 2015

Since I received this All Saints Hemsley Jacket for Christmas, Ive been obsessed with styling this with loads of different, unexpected ways and thought Id share with you 3 of my favourite ways that I think would look amazing.

For my first styling idea, I would take it down the festival, almost rocker vibe that this jacket screams for. I would team this with a love worn vintage tee. bonus points for a 70's or 80's rock band, paired with the ubiquitous plaid shirt round the waist for that extra layer. Id also pair it with ripped denim (either shorts or jeans, both are incredibly festival appropriate) teamed with either beaten up Vans or Dr Martens for the most practical shoe option.

For the second idea, I wanted to play up the modernity of the hardware on this jacket. I would team these with statement trousers (think heavy brocade print or layered shorts with meggings) paired with a simple sweatshirt in a contrasting colour (bold prints play brilliantly alongside cool and dark greys and classic navy) Id then also team it with subtle shoes which are in a bold design such as solid colour high tops or trainers.

The third idea is homage to almost using the leather jacket as a more dressed up item. I would sling it over my shoulders teamed with a thin roll neck jumper in either a mottled grey, forest green or burgundy, teamed with pencil thin skinny suit trousers in the darkest colour you can get (I would always go with black for this look) and a smart belt in a subtle colour that suits the trousers. To finish off, I would pair it with some smart monk-strap shoes or loafers for that traditional twist.

How would you style this look? Would you team it with anything else? Let me know in the comments below

Until next time guys,

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