April 16, 2015

If you've followed my blog since the beginning, one of the first items I ever got sent was a case from Casetagram (you can read the review here) but sadly, the case didnt actually last too long due to a weak spot but recently I got in contact with Casetify (the new name for Casetagram) and they asked me if I would like to be sent one of their latest releases, the Metaluxe case.

Metaluxe offers you the option of interchangeable backplates, meaning your phonecase can change as often as you want, without having to have the fiddly task of taking the old one off. The Durable outer-band, raised bezel edge and rubberized support pads inside of full-case protection guard your phone from drops and hard falls. The metal edging round the camera slot is incredibly durable and sturdy, which is where my original weak point was, which also gives me piece of mind that it won't get damaged or broken easily.

I decided to choose, after the longest decision, the Abstraction Outline White Transparent iPhone 5 case which look amazing paired with my black iPhone, and also the Rose Gold edge too (there is also the choice of Silver if Rose Gold isn't for you). In the super slick packaging comes the case you have chosen, and also a plain black back too if you fancy a change. The Metaluxe cases have a unique way of securing your phone, as they slot over the phone and held in place with the removable end cap which also allows you to charge your phone, and access to the headphone port too. If you use a docking station however, you may need to remove this like I do when it comes to charging/playing music etc. 

I would really highly recommend checking out Casetify for unique cases, not only for iPhone, but they also do Macbook sleeves, Apple Watch straps, Samsung Galaxy, iPad smart covers and a range of gadgets including selfie sticks and protective clear covers too!

Until next time guys,


*This post is not sponsored by Casetify, and the product was provided as a replacement for an existing product.*

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