April 23, 2015

If you look at my Instagram, you know that I have a major obsession with plaid and have a multitude of different colours and styles, all of which could be tricky to pull off, so I've decided to bring you my ultimate style guide for multi seasonal plaid!

Plaid can be easily dressed smartly but you've got to distinguish it from your everyday plaid. Smarter plaid should be left with the cuffs done up and at most rolled twice and cuffed, and also be of a slimmer fit so the boldness is pared back. To make it more interesting, look for added details such as a fitted back or details on the collar etc.

This French Connection plaid is one of my go-to's when it comes to a more smarter approach as its very closely cut to the body, plus offers the interesting back detail in the deep pleat and also the button that holds the shirt collar in place too, so you always look slick and smart.

Slim fit is the key style for plaid when it comes to a smarter look, but I tend to go for a slightly oversized style during the day. I tend to go a size up or 2 if I can to get the perfect amount of slouch and comfort out of my plaid. I live in my oversized Ralph Lauren plaid that I picked up which turned out to be a mislabeled piece (XXL rather then XL) 

I also love the detailing on the oversized shirt with the suede patches which also adds to the relaxed look that I strive for. For styling these oversized shirts, I tend to roll the sleeves up so they hit just below the elbow, and either do them up all the way or thrown over a more casual outfit in the summer instead of a coat.

Im all for a lightweight plaid but sometimes a thicker plaid will always make the biggest difference when it comes to styling. I tend to wear thinner plaid in the winter funnily enough layered over thinner layers for an adaptable look for the weathers that hit the UK in the winter. In the summer however I team a thicker plaid with my looks which can be adapted in an easy way for this time of year.

This oversized Vans plaid is made of a more rigid, stiffer plaid which is also quilted inside which is perfect teamed with any summer look and can be perfectly paired with items for a colder summer evening. I also use this one the most during the summer, especially in a festival environment, as it can also double up as a blanket as its thick enough to stay warm, but also hardy enough to still look stylish. I used this one a multitude of times last year as a picnic blanket when needed, and then easily retied it round my waist for my 90's inspired summer look.

Whether its a shacket (shirt jacket) or a polirt (polo shirt hybrid) plaid is the perfect material to take a risk with due to its easy ability to be styled. I love finding different styles to wear with plaid such as my ultra lightweight shacket from All Saints which offers the functionailty of a shirt and the pockets of a jacket which is perfect for running errands in as it gives you the flexible options with pockets etc.

This polirt hybrid from Fred Perry would never usually be my style, but I LOVE how this shirt goes with everything. Ive teamed it under jumpers for a preppy look, paired with ripped denim shorts and Vans for a skater look and then teamed with a porkpie hat and boots for a more mod inspired venture. The lightweight fabric of the polirt makes it super versatile for all seasons too. WINNER ALL ROUND!

For me, plaid is really one of those items worth investing in as it'll be an all year round staple, plus it'll be in your wardrobe for years to come but always be in fashion too!

Do you have any tips when it comes to plaid? Id love to know! Tweet me at @IYAAJAYBLOG or in the comments below.

Until next time guys,


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