April 14, 2015

Ah I do love a good haul, especially when its new skincare and haircare, so I thought Id share with you what I picked up recently and where you can get them too!

Okay, so technically this isn't haircare, but more of a hair accessory (who am I kidding?!) and I can't quite believe the deal I got on it. This 'trilby' (to me, its more like a porkpie hat) was originally £20 but I managed to pick it up for £6 in the current sale! I love the more dressy approach it gives to an outfit and also the fact it adds a slight pop of colour without being too bold (see my Instagram for how I styled it). This'll be a perfect transitional accessory as it can be seamlessly put with any outfit and it'll look stylish. Unfortunately, this is unavailable online but check your local store in the sale section just incase.

I get a little sceptical when brands associated with one product bring out a new range linked to another sector and was quite intrigued to see what Aussie had to offer. Aussie is ubiquitous with haircare (I love their 3 minute miracle conditioner for the summer) and decided to check out their new range of body washes. I decided to go for the smaller bottle of Mega Watt, a body wash infused with Australian Ginseng for an energising start to your day and I decided to put it to the test. The body wash comes in the form of an oil which not only cleans but moisturises too, leaving your skin smelling and feeling incredible! I will definitely be buying this again in the full size.

Boots Thin Hairbands (unavailable online)
This is where the fun really begins for me when it comes to visiting Boots. I always seem to go a little OTT when it comes to haircare and Im a creature of habit when it comes to going for the same brands. When my beloved Toni and Guy salt spray finally ran out, I thought it was a good excuse to finally pick up some items on the 3 for 2 deal on Bleach London. Firstly, I picked up their Swamp Spritz, a double nozzled salt spray which actually adds an amazing amount of texture without being too cloggy and limp (salt spray has a tendency of making hair appear dull and lifeless) so I can't wait to really put it to the test. I next picked up the Split Fix Serum, which I trialled this morning and I'm already obsessed with. Used in wet hair it calms down frizz caused by heat styling, and when used in dry hair, creates amazing shine and stops fly aways, always a bonus when styling your hair and making sure its super slick. Although the smell is a little strong, the product sinks in amazingly and really works without leaving hair greasy looking. Finally I picked up the legendary Silver Conditioner, which I really plan on embracing in the next few weeks after something I have planned for next week (Ill give you a hint, think incredibly beachy and 4 hours) so this'll really help combat brassy tones in Blonde hair and hopefully prolong fading.

Ill do a follow up on more of these products once I've finally given them a proper trial and see if they really live up to the hype they claim to have!

Until next time guys,


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