April 13, 2015

Ill admit it, I have a weakness for shoes.
But before you say it, these are actually my new work shoes but I also plan to style these with other outfits too (who said guys can't go from day to night with a pair of shoes?)

I needed a more rugged, tough shoe for work that was going to protect me but also be comfortable enough to wear during my shifts without leaving me hobbling around in agony, so I decided to treat myself to a pair of Dr Martens 1461 shoes which I thought would be similar to the boots which not only do I adore but also live in daily.

When I ordered them I was a little sceptical as I usually like to try on shoes before purchasing but I thought that I knew the brand well enough to order without issue. However, these are a little different to the boots and have an incredibly rigid, stiff back of the shoe where the seams are which, after a little wearing in, fitted the right foot but left the left foot raw due to being half a size too big (I resolved it by using one of those gel strips) I would definitely advice to break these in for atleast 2 weeks before using them for an extended period of time, or use a leather softener to gently soften the back so that they don't rub.

Besides the issue of the raw heel, I also found the smooth leather scuffs incredibly easily too as shown in the third image (mine scuffed after one shift) but these shoes aren't made for looking pretty and never being worn, they're made for being probably the most rugged shoes you own and are a go to for the tougher challenges, so a little scuffing adds a bit of character. 

Now for my favourite bit, the styling!
I tried these on as soon as I got them and its true what they say, DM's really do go with anything. I've tried them with my usual off duty uniform of ultra tight skinny jeans, oversized tees and shirts, and a man bun and they look amazing, but also don't look out of place teamed with smarter attire (usually a smarter shirt with jeans, and a porkpie hat). With cut off denim shorts and either a cut off tee or love beaten tee (holes, rips, fading) they look amazing too and would be perfect for the festival season. I also love taking influence from their history and teaming them with ripped knee denim, the Fred Perry shirt that I featured here and my porkpie hat for that nostalgic throwback with a modern twist.

All in all, asides from the 2 little niggles I've had with these shoes, I would highly recommend these if your in the market for an incredibly versatile shoe that is a real all rounder!

Voting is still open for The Male Grooming Review 'Best Mens Lifestyle Blog' and I would love it if you guys could vote for IYAAJAY as it would really mean a lot to me!

Until next time guys,


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