April 10, 2015

Super sorry I've been a little quiet this past week, but I experienced a little Mac based difficulty (long way of saying I burnt out the hard drive cable) but I'm finally back with my long awaited shoe collection, which will be a pretty long post so grab a snack and a drink and join in!

Lets start off with the shoes I don't often wear that much. Sadly these beautiful loafers, which I got from TK Maxx, are actually a size too big but I didnt realise until it was too late to return them. It really breaks my heart I can't actually wear them much so they just sit there looking good. Ive only managed to wear these once but they looked a little silly due to the sizing of them.

These are my go to special occasion shoes as they really smarten up an outfit without looking too overly done. However, Kurt Geiger shoes are cut incredibly narrowly so I do have a issue with the comfort of these and can maximum wear them for about 2 hours before they have to be swapped for something else.

These are another TK Maxx purchase, and was pretty much the best one I've ever made. They were the only pair, in my size, and reduced from £180 t0 £60 which is an amazing deal for such sturdy boots. Before I bought my DM's, I lived in these as they are incredibly versatile and comfy, albeit a little clumpy due to the wooden layered heel which can weigh your foot down a little bit. These look great in winter layered with dark wash jeans and a trusty plaid.

Ah the classic summer shoe! I lived in my original Black Classics which sadly fell apart (quite literally, I destroyed them) so I picked up the same style in both Navy and the all Black versions. The blue ones aren't worn as much as Id like because theres something up with the stitching inside which makes them really uncomfortable to wear so I need to look into sorting it, but the all black ones look great teamed with rolled up jeans and a casual longline tee for the perfect errand running outfit for this time of year. One little tip for people with flatter feet, these will cause a slightly uncomfortable amount of pain towards the front of the foot due to the flatness of them so they may not be the best option.

Another summer staple from TK Maxx, where I picked these up for £30 instead of £85 which is another really good deal. The deck shoe is another key shoe style for the summer and Sperry make some of the most comfortable ones around. Team these with similar colours or paired with toned down denim for summer evenings.

You guessed it, another TK Maxx purchase, where I found these in the clearance section for £30 as they were apparently the wrong size but they fitted me perfectly. I loved the look of the retro trainers with a modern twist like the Roshe Runs but I didnt want to jump on the band wagon and be like others so Im glad I picked these up. Ive worn these whilst walking around London and Brighton, and they're the most comfortable trainers! I love the interesting fabric combination and the slightly slanted heel too.

Back when I was at college, I was obsessed with these shoes so much that I actually had 3 pairs on rotation (I also had the super light grey ones too). I love the preppy nature they bring to an outfit without being too 'I should be in school' vibes, plus the fact that they can be worn with literally everything. If I was to repurchase these, I wouldn't go with the burgundy colour way as the colour not only fades easily, they are a little harder to pair with items unlike the all black ones. These shoes really hurt to break in due to the stiff back stitching but with a little perseverance and plasters, they'll be perfect in no time.

Whilst on a burgundy kick, I love these shoes so much! They're the best shoe for the preppy sports vibe in the summer and look great paired with just about everything too! If you've been on my blog since the beginning, you would of originally seen when I got these. 

You can see I clearly have a thing for Vans and I adore these, especially when teamed with black skinny jeans and a oversized denim shirt for that perfect off duty look. The pattern is interesting enough to not distract from what else your wearing.

When the Chelsea Boot trend came back around a couple of years ago, I looked for ages to find the perfect pair and I found these brown suede beauties for around £50 which was a steal for the quality. Ive worn these so much that I had to get them resoled (the result of walking round London all day on cobbles) and I'm definitely going to get loads more wear out of these.

This is where my love affair with DM's begins! Id been lusting after these for ages and for some reason, never picked them up until I went to Gunwharf Quays before Christmas and picked them up. To prove how much I love them, I've worked out Ive worn them nearly everyday since buying them, and they still look brand new. They give the perfect amount of edge to an outfit without being too bold but are also the most comfortable boot I have honestly owned.

As you can see, the DM love is still real and I also got given these towards the back end of last year and I love these just as much as my 1460's. These are perfect for long days of walking due to the Air Wair soles which make it feel like your wearing the most comfortable shoes around. I wore these the other day for a long day of walking round and being on my feet and they didn't irritate, hurt, or make me blister which is perfect!

These are my latest additions to the collection which I picked up recently in a sale. I love the fact these aren't just low trainers or the ones that come past your ankle so they give you just enough support without being too restricting or at risk of digging into your ankles. I paired these the other day over on Instagram with a long line tee, shirt and skinny jeans for the perfect California skater look that I've been obsessed with lately.

I originally saw these at El Corte Inglés (a department store in Barcelona) but unfortunately they didnt have a half size that I needed in these, so I made sure to track them down when I got back as I couldn't stop thinking about getting them. I love the mixed materials and the incredibly minimalist colour palette which made these the perfect base shoes for busier looks.

I bought these in a store clearance sale for about a third of the RRP which for Hunters, was a total steal. I can't wait to break these out when the occasion comes whether thats either a muddy festival or walks in the countryside. These come up really high on the leg (just below my kneecap) which makes it a little difficult to manoeuvre in but Im sure Ill get used to them eventually.

Also I'm happy to announce that Ive been shortlisted as one of the 5 finalists for the Male Grooming Reviews 'Best Mens Lifestyle Blog' which is an honour to be nominated for and I would be over the moon if you could vote for me too!

Follow the link here and you can either vote for me or one of the other 4 amazing blogs.

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