June 30, 2015

Where has this year gone already? I can't believe its almost June, and the weather is finally hotting up in the UK so why not showcase my favourites ready for the warmer weather? 

First up is Topmans stripe tee which has definitely been a go to staple of my wardrobe since I got it earlier in the month. This is one of those pieces you can style with pretty much everything and it'll always look great, especially for the festival season. I love pairing it with denim, as it adds a little extra 'something' to your trusty jeans without being too overly fussy and overdressed.

Next up is a pair of shoes Ive been obsessed with ever since I ordered them all the way back in April, and have literally lived in the past month. These Asos leather sandals have been a total go to for a more interesting take on summer dressing, especially if your not a huge fan of flip flops and the slapping noise that comes with them, plus they're also surprisingly comfortable (I trial ran these at work to and had no issues or blisters). I love pairing them with black rolled up jeans, an oversized tee in either burgundy or white, with a pork pie hat for a indie based summer look.

This month also saw the repurchase of one of my favourite hair products too. I originally had my first can of this for over a year and it finally ran out on a day I really didn't need it to (It happened to be my interview for my latest job) so I knew I had to pick up a replacement. The Redken control addict 28, complete with its new, lustworthy packaging which I'm loving, is genuinely my go to hairspray as it holds like concrete but doesn't leave hair with that piecey, clumpy feeling and also offers a hard to beat hold too. 

Keeping on the copper theme, Ive been loving my Simon + Me copper bracelet (sadly Our Daily Edit is currently sold out, but you can also track down stock here) which has been the perfect modern accessory that gives that little hint of metallic without being too overly flashy and 90s rapper. I love pairing it with simpler outfits due to the streamlined nature of the bracelet, but I also love to pair it with darker tones and patterns to also make it pop and be a focal point.

What have you been loving this past month? Let me know below!

Until next time,


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