June 23, 2015

Its just getting into the sale season once again so it'd be rude not to browse just one would it?
I headed to Topman where I scoped out a few pieces, 2 from the sale rail and 2 current season pieces and I thought I would share with you what they are!

I didn't really realise Id picked up a very similar colour palette with these pieces but I think they all work great with each other and other items in my wardrobe too. I was really looking to push the boat out when it comes to patterns and fits as I seem to find myself gravitating towards the same styles and felt like it was time for a change.

Ripped Knee Lightwash Jeans (similar linked)
If you know me well enough, I usually stick to the same shade and style for denim (skin tight and the darker the better) but I took the plunge and spied these ripped knee, true denim blue jeans, which I have to admit, did intimidate me a little before I tried them on. I was originally wearing a oversized white tee and my DM shoes, and they looked, I'm not gonna lie, quite amazing. The denim is on the thicker side for Topman jeans but thats not a problem with this style as it does pull you in a bit and is incredibly flattering without looking like sausages that are bursting out their cases (Don't lie, we've all been there). I also paired these with the striped tee (also featured in the haul) for a more modern take on nautical style. I also like the fact the rips don't have the webbed denim in between which can often cut in and be uncomfortable, especially if your sitting down for a period of time.

Now stripes are another pattern I slightly fell out of love with, but when I saw this tee hanging up as one of their key pieces for SS15, I thought id give it a go too. Whilst trying items on, I paired this with the jeans previously mentioned and it looked incredibly effortless and stylish. When I got home, I decided to try it with darker denim and a leather jacket to make it a little edgier and it also looked amazing. Stripes are such a tricky pattern to pull off, but keep the colours simple, the stripes narrower and the item minimal (such as a tee or vest) and your good to go!

Its no secret I LOVE plaid, but I was getting a little fed up with the same plaid shirts all the time and wanted another item that could also be adaptable in my wardrobe too. Step forward the sale section and items that I hadn't actually seen before. I tracked down this navy number, from £18 to £10 which to be fair, is a good deal, which is super lightweight and soft, but also offers the variation my wardrobe demands from each piece. This'll look great paired with everything from shorts to jeans and anything in between for an unexpected take on pattern and colouring.

Could I honestly turn down a huge, oversized sweatshirt? OFCOURSE NOT!
Id been eyeing this up online and then when I saw it went into the sale, I knew I had to track it down and luckily my local store had it. I paired this when I tried it on with a pair of simple, black jeans and my DM shoes with white socks and I loved the simple, goth sports look it gave off. I love the versatility of this piece as i can use it now as a layer in the summer evenings when it gets a little colder, but layer it over shirts for an edgier take on winter dressing.

Whats your best sale item you've gotten lately? Let me know below!

Until next time guys,


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