June 09, 2015

Yep, I cracked.

I know I was on a little bit of a shoe ban but in the excitement of starting a new job this week, I treated myself to a pair of trainers that I would be able to wear with everything for work and be comfortable enough to wear whilst on my feet all day. So where did I turn to? Step forward Nike.

I originally had my heart set on the Roshe Runs, the shoes that everyone and their dogs have, but weirdly, I found them incredibly uncomfortable due to the ridged inner sole which caused pressure on the bottom of my feet due to being incredibly flat footed. I was about to leave empty handed but I was recommended the newly released Juvenate, part slip on, part Roshe Run, 100% winner in my eyes. 

So lets get into the details and photos shall we?

Lets get into the details.
The upper is made from fully collapsable honeycomb padded material, which is not only super light, but super flexible meaning no harsh stitching digging into your foot. The Juvenate has been invented without a tongue, allowing you to just slip them on without having to worry about not wearing socks, but I would suggest the slimline invisisocks that you can buy just incase if your worried about wearing them out too quickly.  The sole, identical to the Roshe Runs, is a sturdy heel which is also feather light, perfect for not only travelling, but also being on your feet all day (I would definitely use these whilst around London or Brighton). I thought the idea of a sock like shoe truly odd, but once I put these on in the store and did the inaugural walk around to see how well they fit etc, I really liked the style of these and also the flexibility these will give me with styling too. I feel like these are a great alternative to the other popular Nikes as they're a little different and also a hell of a lot more practical. The honeycomb foam inside gives a subtle detail below the mesh, involving pattern in a monochromatic way without being too bold, and the detailing is all in matte or shiny black so the branding isn't too over the top unlike most other trainers that are dripping in name dropping.

I will definitely use these for work as my new job will involve a lot of standing and walking round, so the cushioned soles will be a god send, plus with what I would be wearing for the job, they'll add a modern edge without trying too hard. Ill also consider these for holiday too as they're super light and perfect for sightseeing and theme parks and will also allow you hours of walking without the slightest hint of blisters, which usually blights me usually with trainers, especially ones with thicker stitched backs.

For £71.99 rrp, they're a little steep for what is essentially a mesh shoe, but I think, without a doubt, they're the perfect trainers for guys on the go who also want a shoe that can be as flexible as they are and also able to take on any situation too.

The Nike Juvenate are available at Size?Office and Urban Industry

Until next time guys,


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