Lust List

February 17, 2013

The Unif Hellraiser flats
I mean cmon, doesnt everyone just have one of those moments where your all feeling a little bit more edgy then usual and I think these scream for one of those occasions, but I WILL own these one day, even if it means overtime shifts *shudders*

Burberry bespoke trench
This stunning piece of investment screams 'yeah, you spent alot but its worth it' and I love it to pieces BUT look at the total, a guy can dream cant he?!

Mulberry mens postman lock backpack
Do I really need to write a justification on this?!
British heritage? check!
Iconic design? check!
Completely practical? check!
Its just too lustworthy!
Dior piece for my mum
okay so i cant be THAT selfish without picking something out for my mum. Shes been a fan of Dior simple, timeless pieces for some time and has always wanted just one classic piece that she can archive forever. She's a fan of the way that they keep to a simple, timeless aesthetic without being too overly embellished or overdone. I know Dior retails at a price that you'd have to sell a kidney and a few other body parts for BUT she's my mum and id love to be able to get her something one day from them.

What are you lusting over, or have got that you wanted for ages?

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