Urban Outfitters mini haul

February 23, 2013

Hey guys, I placed a order with Urban Outfitters super late Thursday, and its just turned up, so Im super excited to see what my stuff was like. I only ordered 2 things as Ive never ordered with them before so I picked things that I liked but wasn't too fussed about if things went a tad wrong or took a long time to get here, but I was pleasantly surprised that not only did it turn up fast, I'm keeping everything as I love it that much. Anyways enough with the rambles and onto the haul....

Oh Snaps Leather Notebook
So I'd seen this in store a few weeks back and I couldn't believe I didn't pick it up! Its a different leather and ribbon page finder then shown on the website but it gives you a general idea of what your getting. I love the old fashioned aged leather and lined pages which makes it seem more vintage then it is.

The aztec ribbon page finder and what the pages look like

Also theres a leather pen/pencil holder and a pencil included

Also I picked up this super tiny monogram necklace which is exclusive to Urban Outfitters online so I knew it was something that not many would have and its small enough for everyday wear. This tiny triangle necklace has a extendable chain at the back, which is handy, as although my neck isn't that big I had to put it at the last chain link to even get it to fit but hey, thats the risk with online shopping as you cant try it on before you buy

Overall Im so happy with my order from Urban Outfitters, not just because of the products, its the fast delivery and quick replies that also make it a site ill definitely order from again :D

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