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February 10, 2013

Utterly in love with my new purchase from Zara which I made yesterday. From the front its just a plain white shirt until you turn round to reveal a Versace inspired faux silk back which is super different from anything I own and have seen before which meant I had to have it!

I plan on wearing it to a family occasion this upcoming week with dark jeans (tried it with black jeans and it just didn't seem to work) and my burgundy Nike vintage blazers and then I'll probably throw on my Barbour jacket on top too as this is WAY TOO COLD for this weather right now.

The print and colour on this is amazing quality and detail, and the back really does pop. However, the shirt online looked like it had a white back but its actually a light cream, almost off white which doesn't bother me as people are probably going to be looking at the print instead.

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