Serious Addiction; Studded Collars

February 03, 2013

Ok so, I have such an addiction to studded things from collars, to iphone cases, if i can get a studded version I WILL own it, which is bad I know but ah well, atleast its not as bad as my burgundy/oxblood obsession but thats another post.

I started by getting the larger silver studs, which were £6 a pack for 10 from River Island, which have a old fashioned styled badge back so they can easily be moved or swapped onto something else which means I can customise anything I want aslong as its a suitable material.

Then about two weeks ago I picked up this set from Topman, which has a silver set, a set of 4 gold/rose gold studs and then a set of black studs. These are considerably smaller then the full silver set I also use but they make a change if you want a add a slight edge without the weight (which I didnt realise!).

I usually would add these to my Burgundy Topman flannel shirt which I either team with skinny jeans and all black Vans, or I go edgier with my Zara pleather and denim jacket and hareem zipped joggers which I either team with my Republic boots or Nike suede vintage blazers.

What do you think of this trend? Something your willing to try or deny?

Main photo taken from my Instagram
You can also get the collar tip studs from here

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