25 Facts About Me

March 13, 2013

So I saw this blog idea from Zoella (You can read hers here) and I thought id let you guys know a little bit more about me other then my severe love for fashion and anything shiny (honestly cant help myself)

1. I havent seen/had my real hair colour for nearly 4 years, not because I dislike it, its because I get alot more compliments about red hair on me for some reason.

2. I oddly do a very accurate dolphin impression and im not even ashamed to admit it.

3. I hate the noise of water being poured into things such as a mug or a glass, dunno why but it just makes me feel super queasy.

4. Im probably one of the pickiest people when it comes to food and if i dont like something, you'll know.

5. I plan out what im going to wear the night before, which will usually take a hour and involves me madly grabbing everything out my wardrobe and picking what goes well together.

6. I have a incredibly sweet tooth.

7. Im incredibly family orientated so whenever I can see them I do.

8. Although I used to be really academic at school, I hated college.

9. Im always early, but sometimes we're talking 30 mins early.

10. Im beyond clumsy and continually stumbling or walking into things.

11. I believe in 'Buy less, wear more'.

12. I roll the sleeves up on every jumper I have, why I have no idea.

13. I hate odd numbers, such as the tv volume has to be on a even number.

14. I have a unhealhy love for Lana Del Rey and Cara Delevingne.

15. I used to love the colour orange when I was younger (WHY?!)

16. Ive only just managed to stop biting my nails.

17. I have way too many shoes.

18. My middle name is after the singer Axl Rose from Guns n Roses.

19. It took me ages to pass my driving test (2 theories and 4 tests)

20. Im a sucker for iced tea.

21.  Ill always go overboard when it comes to peoples birthdays/christmas presents.

22. I always have way too much in my bag.

23. Me and my mum always seem to finish each others sentences and say the same stuff at the same time, how weird?!

24. Im allergic to daffodils, so Spring scares me.

And finally, 25. I dont think I could ever move away from Eastbourne

So thats all guys :)

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