Review- Bio Oil

March 26, 2013

Okay so i've always been a little sceptical about this sort of product, which has been described as the 'wonder product' thats suppose to work miracles BUT this product has seriously changed my mind.

For years i've suffered with red stretch marks caused by growth spurts etc and heat rash scaring so I thought id give this a go as its suppose to reduce stretch marks, uneven skin tone etc, which I initially was sceptical about but I thought why not and decided to purchase it. 

Ive been using it for around a week and can already see major differences in my skin where i've been affected, such as on my sides and on my arms, and the skins already completely different such as my uneven skin tone has mellowed and also my stretch marks, even the healed ones, are less visible and noticeable which is amazing!

Will keep everyone posted how it goes when Ive been using it for longer (Bio oil recommends a minimum of 3 months, twice a day) 

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