February Favourites & A Little Something Extra

March 01, 2013

After my Urban Outfitters order the other day, for which I did a haul post on, I have seriously fallen for this necklace which im yet to take off, which means its a definite keeper! Although I don't often go for gold jewellery, this has swayed me into picking up more pieces.

I fell in love with this jumper as soon as I saw it, and ill admit it, im a sucker for a good slouchy jumper. Due to being such a odd shape (broad shoulders long back) jumpers are a struggle for me and this one was absolutely perfect as I love the bold pattern, and the fact that it fits perfectly and its super warm as well I just love it. (Also when getting the link, I realised its just gone into the sale BARGAIN)

So, where do I start?
Leather? check...
Denim? check....
High street? check...
Well, that proves everything about this jacket is perfect, just at the beginning of the year I purchased this over dyed bad boy from Zara, typically, the only piece I loved not in the sale, but I couldnt honestly resist buying it. Its the perfect jacket to throw on mixed weather days, its warm enough due to the pleather sleeves and thick denim, and the slight boxy cut makes it fit really well too!

Continuing with my burgundy obsession, these babies were picked up in October for my birthday in December but lately Ive literally worn these all the time. Theyre so comfy, but also offer enough support without being too tight on the ankle. Sadly, when I went to Nike in Oxford st, they didnt carry my size (size 10, not even that uncommon) so I popped along to Schuh where they had ONE pair left which I had to have, but now I cant track them down anywhere!

Casting my mind back to when I was at college, when the red hair trend started, I loved the colour I used to have, and since id dabbled with darker, more dull reds so I thought one day 'Bugger it! IM GOING REDDER' and this is the beautiful result.
However this colour comes with major major warnings!
1. DO NOT even consider sleeping on anything new or you dont want dye on
2. DO NOT even attempt to use a light coloured towel
3. Be super careful with rain for the first month
4. Roots will become your worse enemy
Also I prelonged my colour intensity by using a colourcare system, the Loreal Paris Hair Expertise EverPure colour shampoo which is sulphate free, which is what causes colour to fade and hair to become more damaged by the dye, which with this colour, it will become a bit weaker or damaged then usual, but I would seriously recommend this colour to anyone who's brave enough!

A little something extra! 
Mothers day sneak peek

So its not secret that in my house we love baking and cooking really, so mum was really happy to see a new book by the amazing Hummingbird Bakery, whos cakes and desserts are always amazing, so I managed to grab the last copy I could find as it seems like such a popular book.

My mum is always swapping nail polish and grabbing hold of the trends, such as her latest of Nails inc leather nails, so when I saw this one, I thought it screamed her, because although it looks super dark and black, its a very dark plum which is a colour she loves.

Keeping on the Essie haul, I spotted this new release which also screamed my mum, as its different and rather quirky. The magnetic cap located in the lid created a snake skin like magnetic filament pattern on the nails, which would look striking with a plain outfit, or for at work. Both Essie polishes I purchased were from Boots and were really reasonably priced for the quality (according to online reviews)

Tu Lace Dress
Now this dress has literally given me such a hard time to track down! Around 3 weeks ago, whilst shopping my mum spotted this dress and fell in love with it but looked at the price and couldnt bring herself to buy it, but sneaky ol' me, snuck back to go and get it, only to discover they'd sold out of her size! so, another week went past and I kept checking as I really wanted to get it for her, and to my surprise, they managed to find, one left! in her size whilst they were having a 25% off sale so not only did I snag the dress she wanted, I bagged myself a good deal to boot! I cant link this dress though as the Tu range is only carried instore at Sainsburys but you can see online which stores stock the collection

Hope this has given you some ideas for the next month and mothers day,
Happy March everyone!

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