My Fashion Pet Hates

March 14, 2013

Okay, so there might be a couple that people might agree with but this is my personal opinion okay, so theres no need to get angry.

1. Labels on the bottom of shoes

So this has to be one of my most hated things, because not only does it make people appear lazy, but its just the fact that you picked the shoes up to put them on, and didn't spend a extra 2 seconds to take the label off!? its also not logical to buy a pair of shoes and leave the labels on, that'd be like buying a new coat and leaving the hanger in, its frustrating and it shouldn't be there.

2. Socks with any summer shoes

Being from the south east, you think id be immune from being annoyed by this but it doesnt just happen here! Even on holiday, waiting in a stuffy, overcrammed airport you see the serial offenders of this horrendous crime AND 3/4 of the time they scream 'im british and on holiday'. The examples also include socks with crocs (WHY?!) socks with flip flops (plain wrongun this one) and the classic socks and sandal combo. I mean why dont people understand its summer, its warm, JUST DITCH THE SOCKS.

3. OVERLY tight items of clothing
Says it all!

4. Knock offs
Okay so, I know people lust after expensive items such as bags and shoes BUT why on earth spend money buying fakes, when you can save bit by bit and buy the real thing? IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE. Fake items scream 'im too cheap' and cmon, its obvious that its fake, such as certain details not right etc. I mean pieces inspired by more expensive brands are fine, as they aren't identical, but when people try and pass fake goods as real, it just looks stupid.

5. Cheap material
Cheap material really doesnt do anyone favours. Slightly seethrough means everythings on show, a little bit rough and the slightest movement turns into extreme pain, the smallest bit of lycra means everything looks shiny. Proper clothing is meant to be well made and be worth it, but when some companies skimp a little and mass produce, quality suffers and cheaper sources are found but it just seems pointless, why not make a smaller amount of better quality? That would mean people would pay more, and then more could be created, instead of the mass producing of cheaper material garments.

Got anymore pet hates? Leave them as a comment below and see who else agrees!

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