I'm Guilty!- Gucci Guilty Black Review

July 09, 2013

So on my way back from my holiday I decided to splurge a little and make a tiny purchase in Duty Free and had had my eye on this for sometime and everytime I went near the aftershave counters Id always hunt this one down but put off purchasing it as the price is fairly steep (roughly £46) but Duty Free had it for £37 and I got another £2 off due to a onboard promotion! So I just couldnt resist.

Gucci Guilty Black is the newest mens fragrance from the Italian powerhouse and Im obsessed with it!

Although the notes of this aftershave are rather bizarre (Top notes; Coriander and Lavender, Middle notes; Orange Flower and Neroli, and the Base notes; Patchouli and Cedarwood) I thought the scent would be heady and very dark but its a total opposite, its actually rather sweet and slightly spicy which is perfect for night time or when you just feel like being a bit more daring during the day. 

The packaging is Gucci through and through with its shiny black packaging with the matt Gucci labelling on the inside, this whole product screams luxury. The glass bottle is weighty but is definitely worth the money and also looks great in my collection as its the only dark coloured, almost murky bottle.

However, as much as I adore this product, Im gonna be totally honest in saying the staying time of this is DREADFUL! I usually do 2 sprays on either forearm and sometimes a spray on what Im wearing and although its a tincy bit overpowering to begin with, this fades literally within 10 mins to a almost unrecognisable sweet smell, which has left me slightly disappointed as I had such high hopes for this product.

Gucci Guilty Black is available from BootsDebenhams and other fragrance stores.

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