Latest Sale Steal

July 26, 2013

So I've been lusting after this little beauty for some time and was rather put off by the original price tag (£30 FOR A EAR CUFF?!) but I was determined to own it. Step forward the incredible Urban Outfitters sale, where I saw it'd fallen to half price at £15 which I still found too much, so I waited patiently and saw after another week it'd dropped again to £10 but yet again, patiently I waited until, it happened.... I saw it'd dropped to £5 and I was adamant it was going to be mine! So as I was ordering, I remembered I had £3.99 store credit, which took it down to, wait for it............ £1.01 which then ended up at £2.01 due to p+p but I honestly could not believe i'd got it for so low! (and I'm surprised I was so patient!)

I usually struggle getting ear cuffs but this one fits really well and securely and you don't get that horrible nervous moment where you think it'll fall off which is reassuring. The overall quality is actually really impressive with the Swarovski crystal really anchored in and the studs are sharp and imbedded into not only the outer cuff but a small inner circle which also helps to hold onto your ear.

Sadly Urban Outfitters now don't have this studded wonder in stock anymore but ASOS have the Rhodium version still for £30 and trying to track down the Gold version is proving difficult but you can always try Ebay etc.

(Disclaimer: I was not sent this product by the companies involved and I purchased this with my own money. The store credit was generated when I emailed about receiving a faulty product and was not provided to buy this product by the companies)

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