Mini Topman Haul

July 22, 2013

So I lied, I had a bad week last week (lots of house trouble since the incident on holiday) so I thought sod it, might aswell treat myself to some new things. I was kinda restrained as I did pick up 6 things but stood my ground and bought 4 pieces, yeah I know its still bad but it wasn't as bad as it could of been!

Studded friendship bracelet (Sold as a 3 pack here)
Id been eyeing this since it came in at the beginning of summer and finally thought I'd pick them up. This is one of the more comfortable ones I own as the spikes aren't interweaved with the bracelet but only attached using the outer stitching which means theres no metal digging into your arm which tarnishes them pretty quick.

Grey burnout NYC hi roll tshirt (Buy here)
I'd seen this a couple of weeks back online but when I went into my local store they didn't have it in until the 'new stock' rail came in and there it was! I love these tops as they're super easy to style and they look good with everything too. This one's a thinner material than the others which means its perfect for the current weather   and also great to layer during the winter with a plaid shirt and jeans etc.

Black leather look pocket tshirt (Buy here)
I've seen similar to these in other stores (such as Zara and Asos) and decided to play it safe and get the pleather pocket one which is yet again in the hi roll sleeve style that I LOVE and I dont actually own a black one of so I had to expand my collection of them.

Stone cotton chino shorts Buy here (or go instore as they have a seasonal deal on these)
Last week I had to say adios to a pair of shorts that I loved dearly so decided to treat myself to a new pair, and these identical beauties were actually on £10 off! WIN WIN if you ask me! They go amazingly with everything as its a neutral colour and goes with any style of top whether its a slouchy jumper on colder days (I think ive forgotten what colder feels like) to a smart shirt, they look perfect with everything.

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