My Week In Instagram 2

July 14, 2013

Well what a week! Britain's finally boiling and the vast expanse of pasty white flesh is in full display once again on the glorious coast I live along. I know my Instagram is alot of videos this week BUT each have a valid reasons.
Monday- Lets start off on a easy one shall we? Monday saw me trial running my new Vans which i've featured and linked before (See the link here) and also it was the first day of the year I'd actually been on a English beach (see below photo for the obligatory tanned legs photo)
Tee- Jack Wills Similar
Shorts- Topman Similar
Shoes- Vans Van Dorens in Black And White stripes (Buy Here)
Music- Iggy Azalea 'Bounce'
Friday- Took 2 videos, with the first featuring a OOTD for me going into town to go and get a haircut which I was in a desperate need for (anyone with thick hair will sympathise with me here that this weather IS HORRID with thick hair)

In the next video, you get to see the new hair and also a OOTN which was for when I went out with the work lot which involved copious amounts of drink, laughing, carbs and making idiots out of ourselves.

First video
Tee- Topman (Buy Here)
Trousers- Zara (Similar)
Shoes- Vans Van Dorens in Black and White stripes (yes im obsessed with them!)
Necklace- Topman (Similar
Music- Grimes 'Oblivion'

Second video
Shirt- Topman (Buy Here)
Jeans- Jack Wills (Currently Unavailable)
Necklace- Topman (Buy Here)

Saturday- I was out and about in the sun yesterday (hello tan top-up) and chilled out listening to my favourite artist of all time and always, Lana Del Rey who's voice never fails to amaze me.

I wonder what this week will incur for me...

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