My Week In Instagram 4

July 28, 2013

Another weeks gone by already, and yet I still seem to be busy (it almost doesn't feel like I've had a holiday this year!) but I'd rather be busy then bored.
Monday- So in the UK it was still pretty warm but so humid so todays outfit consisted of stuff that meant I could stay as comfy as I could without boiling. My snapback is by Only NY which is available at Urban Industry (Similar ones), my tee is my new Topman New York City roll sleeve tee (Buy Here) which after reading the reviews I was a tad sceptical wearing it when apparently the colour transfers but there wasn't any issues which was a total bonus. I also wore my latest Topman bracelet (Buy Here) and also my Worland shorts which are available at Urban Outfitters (Similar ones). 

The music is by one of my favourite artists, Solange Knowles

Tuesday- Whats that saying, when it rains it pours? Well Tuesday was no exception to this and I got DRENCHED which was rather disgusting but also refreshing after this humidity. I wore mostly Topman today including my shorts (which are currently on instore offers), my shirt and my spiked bracelet (as linked in the last lot of information). My shoes for the day were my Sperry A-O Eye Tan Suede deckshoes which I thought would be perfect, well that was until the rain, where I think they might be a bit water stained now. My bag was my trusty Cambridge Satchel Company satchel in the 15'' Oxblood leather (which has now been inducted into the 'Classic' collection) which literally carries my life around and still remains incredibly stylish.

The music is by CHVRCHES who are a new find for me and Im so excited to see what they're coming out with next!

Thursday- As you can tell by my last post, I was pretty bad and bought something BUT it was the best deal I've ever done (See why here) which I was so excited about recieving in the post (I must of driven the people I work with mad by my excitement, SORRY GUYS)

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